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Female student hitch a ride with the driver flash marriage marriage flash from the disappearance of her husband two days

Cheng Chongqing is a graduate of a university study three , this should be a graduate looking for work time , but in a certain way to run around to find her husband . Reporters on the 25th from Jiangjin District People's Court was informed that the process of a grant the plaintiff and the defendant Kim divorce.

In February this year , when the process of a ride to school in a good talk with the driver Kim Sheng Huan, Kim got off her cell phone number you want to also reject the fare , Cheng also its heart a favor, two will start a telephone exchange .

A few days later , Kim on the process of a confession and suggested she come CASE , said he could help her find a good job , a certain way without hesitation rushed jiangjin met Kim .

During Kim added to take care on the way a marriage proposal to his , at least 30 years of age a certain way that their own happiness came, they agreed to 36 -year-old Kim , received a marriage certificate .

Married , two in a hotel two days after jiangjin , Kim excuse to be out of trouble on the site in Guangxi ( he ) rush past , the process of a reluctantly bid farewell to Kim alone after homecoming .

Back to school , but found a way not contact Kim . In accordance with the process of a payment of a marriage registration office to find the address filled in Kim 's mother Kim mother . Kim said his son heard mother married a full graduate , said Kim Jin mother no culture , working outside year round , divorced last year , she also can not contact his son .

He felt a certain way to be deceived feelings, canada goose gloves men calgary in the case of people could not find it sued for divorce.

Contact the court , the defendant told Kim that he will not attend the court , unless a certain way to help him settle the debt on the site ,

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    Court that the original defendant, from acquaintance to get married only 14 days , the two sides failed to establish a direct positive feelings of the couple , married and no children , no joint property and debts . From the plaintiff and calgary canada goose defendant marriage and married life basis of the situation just two days , the couple is no longer possible and good , then according to the process of a default judgment granting the plaintiff and the defendant Kim divorce.

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